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Celebrity Cats Seen in Paris

Associated Press
Paris, France

The celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace and their entourage were seen arriving in Paris last night on their private solar powered jet.

Unconfirmed sources report that spokes-poose Zevo hussein Calamari decided to go to Europe for the summer to get away from her pet humans and their new rescue d-o-g. Close friends of Zevo believe that she is quite miffed that they did not consult her about the adoption.

Zevo is even more put out that roomie Nubi wan Kenobi is now BFF with the d-o-g. Nubi wan was not invited on this summer vacation. Luna miso Poosie also chose to stay in Salem instead of going to Paris with the girls and released a statement: "They mock my feet in Paris. I rather be with the freaks and witches of Salem....and i really do not trust that large beast roaming in my home. Someone needs to monitor this situation."

Miss Boo, BFF to Zevo and Miss Lucy Fur is still recovering from her break up with George Clooney who dumped her for a stick insect underwear model. Miss Lucy Fur is hoping to reunite with her true love, Her Majesty's corgie while in Europe. Miss Boo was heard saying "This summer vacation is our time to heal, play, shop and um like score some cool stuff at the Louvre. um...take in fine art.

The cats and their friends are staying at the Ritz Carlton in Paris. No word of how long their stay will be in their favorite city. Security at the Louvre has been beefed up since their arrival.

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And you know, Glenn Beck says that solar power is BS... it can't work.