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Tarot Readings by Madam Zevo Calamari

Grand Opening of Madam Zevo Calamari's Psychic Center of DC

Tarot Readings
Palm and Paw Readings
Magic Spells and Potions

Party with the Mistress of Magic & the Pooses for Peace
to celebrate their new headquarters

Halloween Night
7:00 pm - ?

The Casino Calamari of DC
(we moved out of salem for good!)

Costumes mandatory
Margarita Fountain
All you can eat tuna, chicken and ham buffett
cat nip brownies

Music Guest
Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Poose Reefer Band


Smudge said...

Tuna, chicken and ham buffet? And I can eat myself silly? And then DESSERT TOO???? Ohhhhhhhh......I'm in heaven!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hmm.. perhaps I shall see if the cards want me to run for President too... Or if I should stay humble and eat fishy flakes.