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Adios Salem Fiesta

You are invited to the party of the decade!

Say Good Bye to Salem
with the Pooses for Peace

Adios Salem Fiesta
Casino Calamari
wee Salem
Friday 9/23- Friday 9/30

Special Guests
Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Margarita Fountain
All you can eat chicken, tuna and ham buffet
Nip brownies

Dress code:
Parrothead attire
Bring your own coconut bra & grass skirt
no black suits allowed!

We are going to party like its 1999!


Anonymous said...

Adios already!! Please remember to forward your new address to Che Nikki. She would like to send a housewarming gift when you are settled in. Hope all is well with your Dad.
You will be missed:(
Che Nikki and Maria

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I can't wait. I'll bring the fishy flakes!

Boo said...

I'm always up for a party! And the sooner we can get away from women wearing ill fitting black suits, the better.

Smudge said...

Party? Yessss!! My pet human is headed to New Mexico and leaving me here. I'm outta here! Hopping on the next plane -- see you soon!

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Smudge and I will be there! Thank Gawd her pet human is leaving town for ten days so we won't have to hear her sniveling about our behavior.

Got bail money saved up and just need to find something for the Queen's Corgis that won't make their legs look too short or their butts look too big.

Hasta la Vista Baby!

Miss Lucy Fur