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Our Newest Member of the
Poop & Run Brigade!

The Pooses for Peace are happy to announce our latest inductee of the infamous Poop & Run Brigade, Miss Quan Yin Wu who will go by her chosen covert name, Poopalina when on duty.

Miss Poopalina through rigorous training at Poop Boot Camp, proved her ability to poop nonstop all week, and performed explosive displays several nights. Unfortunately her pet humans took her to the V-E-T for flagyl after trying every holistic remedy possible to stop it. (Incense is still burning through out the house and yard in hopes of masking the stench!)

The Poop & Run Brigade is famous for its sneak attacks on politicians, annoying celebrities and greedy corporate wall street thugs, (not to mention a few attacks on the Supreme Court and the White House during the W era. A biohazard team must be brought in after an attack. The Bush administration declared the Pooses for Peace a domestic terrorist group with Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Obama administration has cleared the group of all charges and issued a statement. " Cats poop. Dogs poop. Bo poops all the time- does that him a terrorist? Don't ask about the poop. We will not tell you about the poop."

Miss Wu will be under the command of senior Poop & Run generals. She is now living with celebrity cats Zevo hussein Calamari, Nubi wan Kenobi and the 8 toed wonder Luna miso Poosie.

All are invited to the Casino Calamari to celebrate
8:00 pm
All you can eat buffet
Margarita fountain
Cat nip brownies
Bean & Cabbage Dog Treats!

Music by the B52s

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