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Sushi Bar Opens in Wee Salem

Associated Press
Salem MA

The celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace opened another restaurant at the famed Casino Calamari in Wee Salem over the weekend. Their latest enterprise is a revolving state of the art sushi bar called Ika Sush. Jedi Nubi wan Kenobi is the head Itamae (sushi chef). Celebrities and hordes of cats have been flocking to Salem over the weekend just to be seen dining at Ika Sushi.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony Mayor Zevo, Miss Boo, and Miss Lucy Fur wore black Versace couture, Jimmy Choo shoes and tiaras to match their eyes. Luna miso Poosie donned a pair of Monolos especially made for her 8 toed paws. Other members of the Pooses for Peace present at the ceremony. A few were inebriated but all were well dressed.

Casino Calamari is located in the 51st state of the USA, known as Wee Salem. Once a part of Salem, MA, the cats decided that being taxed to the hilt in the Commonwealth along combined with the city of Salem's latest tax hike on dining and entertainment to fund the mayor's whims was no longer acceptable. So they seceded and formed their own state. The mayor of Wee Salem is Zevo hussein Calamari, a thorn in the side of Salem's mayor Kimberley Driscoll. The city of Salem has not issued a comment about the latest restaurant opening. Unconfirmed sources have reported that the mayor has hired another consultant to review the impact of the cats' businesses on traffic.

Mayor Calamari issued a statement" Arigato! Welcome to Ika Sushi. Eat, drink and be merry... all tax free. Parking is free in our underground garage. Pass me another sake please."

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