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New Costume Shop Opens in Wee Salem

Wee Salem MA

Another new business has sprung up in the Wee Salem District owned and run by the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace. The cats known for their entrepreneurial talents had the grand opening of The Calamari Costume Shop, right in time for the Halloween season this evening. A party will be held at the Casino Calamari tonight to jump start the Halloween week. Scores of celebrities and hordes of cats have been seen strolling through Salem into Wee Salem all day.

Mayor Zevo hussein Calamari along with friends Miss Lucy Fur, Nubi wan Kenobi, Che Nikki, Monkay and Luna Miso Poosie and an unknown cat in costume celebrated their new enterprise by drinking shots of Strega while cutting the ribbon. Rumors are circulating that the unknown cat is the missing Miss Boo.

Unlike normal costume shops, this unique store offers costumes for cats, dogs, skunks and even humans. This year's best seller is the Miss Boo costume which comes with a Miss Boo Mask, an emerald tiara, Jimmy Choo shoes and Versace strapless gown. Another popular Miss Boo costume include a Miss Boo mask, a pirate hat, wench dress, and bottle of rum. Unconfirmed sources believe many cats will dress as Miss Boo this Halloween so that the real Miss Boo can go undetected in Salem. Boo is currently wanted by the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. Authorities have not been able to pinpoint her where abouts but believe she marched in the Haunted Happenings Parade with her cohorts and her new lover, Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Costumes of celebrity cats such as Cheysuli, The Meezer Boys, Jedi Nubi wan kenobi have been very popular as well." said Luna Miso Poosie, who has been promoted to sales manager of the shop. "Our least popular is the Mayor Kim Driscoll costume which includes an ill fitting black suit, black wig, black clunky shoes, a clipboard and a chainsaw."

No tax will be charged on goods sold since the store resides in the Wee Salem, (which has been declared the 51 state by the cats after seceding from the city of Salem and the Commonwealth of MA.) The cats also own Casino Calamari, Cinema Calamari, The Holy Spaghetti Factory and a sushi bar. All are located in the Wee Salem borders.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

There's a costume OF me and not just for me?! Oh how excellent!

Karen Jo said...

The costume shop sounds great. I hope that there will be so many Miss Boos around that the real one will feel safe to come home.