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Black Friday Shopping Spree

As CEO of Planet Calamari i invite you and your friends (and if you know any celebrities) to visit the Planet Calamari Art Galleria and shop. Offering handcrafted one of a kind art to wear for those who dare to dance to the beat of a bohemian drummer. Recycled Prayer earrings made from vintage rosary beads and sacred baubles. Magical bracelets embellished with antique buttons from Strega Nonna's button tin. Happy Qi fiber art wrist cuffs. Organic t-shirts and more.

Warning! These pieces are not for those who choose to wear clothing or think like Just Say No Nancy Reagan or Wolf Murderer Sarah Palin.
Our unique baubles and arm candy and tees are worn by free thinkers who sometimes dress like Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, and Sheryl Crowe.

We would be honored if Iris Apfel would wear some of our wide Happy Qi Cuffs too.

You can shop in your pajamas, your undies, your ratty sweats, wine stained party dress or even naked. We don't care because we can't see you. Nobody will see you. .. except your cat... or d-o-g.

So please don't go to the mall or worse evil and oh so tacky Wal-Mart. Everyone else will be there... buying the same stuff that everyone else is buying. Crowds of cranky people who ate way too much yesterday. No parking. Gum smacking snarky clerks too busy texting their friends to help you. No annoying Brenda Lee singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree in the background. You can choose your own music to rock out too. Have a glass of wine or an expresso while you shop.

We invite you to shop on a different planet. And with your help i can buy a new tiara.

thank you
zevo hussein calamari
CEO of Planet Calamari


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Now if only I could find that Woman's credit card...

Anonymous said...

Ethel wants to know where she can buy a tiara on-line?

Daisy said...

You has pretty things!