Planet Calamari Zazzle shop


Zevo Calamari Promoted to CEO
of Planet Calamari Art Galleria

Associated Press
Wee Salem MA

Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that Zevo hussein Calamari, celebrity jewel thief, and famed entrepreneur has taken over the position of CEO at thePlanet Calamari Art Galleria. Sources are not sure if it was a hostile take over or if her pet human, known as Beta-chic, the owner and artist of the business just handed it over peacefully to Zevo.

Miss Calamari owns several successful businesses with her cohorts, The Pooses for Peace. Among them are The Casino Calamari, Cinema Calamari, The Holy Spaghetti Factory, A Costume shop and a few other questionable operations.

Zevo Calamari issued a statement this morning "As the new CEO of Planet Calamari Art Galleria, i intend to make this business a success. The more money my pet human makes, the more shoes i can buy. By my running this business she will have more time to create one of a kind jewelry and art. Does this bracelet make me look fat? Oh Keith dear, could you pass me that flask please."

Beta-chic was over heard saying "Do we have anymore band aids in the house?"


Cheysuli and gemini said...

We quite liked the new look! Good luck to you and your human!

Quasi said...

Is that anything like the Glendale Galleria? We live near the Glendale Galleria.

The Meezers or Billy said...

isn't that an awful lot like WERK? ::shudder::