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Thank you for the love...

We would like to thank everyone for their kind words of love and all the calls, emails, facebook and blog comments during this sad time. I am sorry i cannot respond to each comment on your individual blogs at this time as my ibook passed away the same week Zevo left us. I believe she took it to the afterlife with her.

We decided it was for the best to release Zevo's last will and testament concerning the Pooses for Peace, the Bite and Run Brigades, and her various businesses, especially so close to the election. 

We hope to see you at Zevo's memorial service at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and after the party at the Moulin Rouge. Thanks again for all the love.

Zevo's Pet Humans

Zevo Marie hussein Calamari's
 Last Will and Testament

My dear friends,

If you are reading this, then it is certain that i have passed away or faked my death to hide on a remote island. In either case i request the following:

May the Pooses for Peace be overseen by it's original founders, Mizz Boo and Mizz Lucy Fur. I request that Nubi wan Kenobi, Luna miso Poosie, Miss Smudgie, Chez Hussein Monkay, Che Nikki, Quan Yin Kali Wu and Cheysuli be on the board of directors of the Pooses for Peace. You may add more directors as needed.

You will continue to battle corruption, greed, stupidity and expose those who are guilty of such things. The Pooses for Peace will be directly in charge of planning covert Bite & Run attacks whenever necessary. And you will also be in charge of celebrating every holiday in the proper Pooses for Peace manner! (It would be lovely if you continued tormenting the Mayor of Salem, especially during Halloween.) I ask in the name of fashion that Tiaras and Top Hats be worn when possible.

Concerning the Bite & Run Brigades:
Jedi Poose Nubi wan Kenobi and General hussein Monkay will lead all covert activities along with all those special coop agents who we shall not name. You poose spies know who you are! I ask the fashionable Miss Daisy to design new uniforms and berets when needed. 
The Poop and Run and the Poot & Run brigades will be led by the infamous Meezer Boys, Sammy, Miles and Nicholas along with our dear Agent Poopalina.

The Natty Bo Brigade will be lead by Bubba, Sarge, Tao, Stoli, Summer, Max the wonder dog and Miss BeagliEtta. 

The Texas Brigade run by Ethel and Guinness.

The Merry Ole Brigade shall be run by our friends the Royal Corgies and their 007 spies.

The Calamari Business Empire

Brothel Calamari shall be run by Madam Lucy Fur along with Miss Boo. Business as usual girls.

Casino Calamari shall be run by Nubi wan Kenobi and Luna Miso Poosie. I beseech you not to invite Charo back no matter how much she begs. 

Cinema Calamari shall be managed by Miss Smudge and all those pooses who live with Cheysuli, Gemini and Ichiro.

The Zevo Calamari Institute of Professional Biting shall be run by the Bite and Run Brigade members and used as a training camp for young pooses who want to serve.

Planet Calamari Art Galleria 
I have decided to remain the CEO of Planet Calamari Art Galleria and  give my pet human advice from the afterlife (or remote island). She will still remain the in-house artist but will give me full credit for designing the new line of feline jewelry that i designed.

I leave my great fortune to the Pooses for Peace. Although my pet humans need that money,  i worry that the IRS or Homeland Security would snap it up if it were left to them. Forgive me dear pet humans for this blunder. I do leave my pet humans various pieces of art and sculptures which i shall not list and my wine cellar.

My tiara collection will be donated to the Smithsonian Museum. However the emerald tiara really does belong  to Mizz Boo, and the Ruby tiara to Mizz Lucy Fur and so they shall be given back to their rightful owners. You both can split my wardrobe and give a few things to Miss Smudgie and Luna miso Poosie.
I also would like to give Bono back his sunglasses. I never really sold them on ebay. George Clooney, i give you permission to date again.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends. I love you all so much. You have made my life complete. I promise to send messages from the afterlife. 

With much love always,

zevo marie hussein calamari


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow. I am so honored. I hope I can fit into the large expectations. As Mao would say, my booty is pretty big! As always Zevo-our love and we shall always bite with your in our hearts!

The Meezers or Billy said...

we are so very honored to keep the poot and run and poop and run brigades going in your memory. we will miss you so much Miss Zevo. Will we be hearing from Obi and Miss Lucy and Miss Boo here on this blog??

Daisy said...

I already have some great ideas for some great Bite & Run brigade uniforms. I will do you proud, Zevo. You were such an inspiration!