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Madame Calamari

Don't you love the red light effect? It is one of the new touches to our "business"
Good to be back home for a little rest!

ciao ciao


Boo & Zevo's Pride Parade Float

The rain did not stop us from having the best float in the parade. Here are some of our new friends who braved the rain to dance with us on our float.

After the parade we celebrated at Balbao Park and then went back to Hamburger Mary's to dance the night away.

Boo will be staying in San Diego when i leave for Salem... must attend to some "business" there.

ciao ciao



Home at Hamburger Mary's

Well we are back in San Diego.... could not bear to miss the Pride Parade, especially since Boo and i have a float in it every year. This year we have some really cute boys dancing on it with us. Our float is the next one after the Dikes on Bikes. And the LA Cheerleaders are behind us.

I missed the margaritas at Hamburger Mary's so we are hanging out here today. It is so hot. Then later we are going over to Pacific Beach to show off our new bathing suits and diamonds.
Tonight there is a big party in Balbao Park.

Ciao ciao



We were escorted out of the Moulin Rouge... some mishap with a credit card, missing earrings and someone complained about my singing. I think i sound just like Nicole Kidman. And Boo does lovely harmonies. Oh well.. socre blu'

And we picked up some French catnip for my pet human's friend Emily and the police did not believe it was catnip. Really.... would we chance illegal herbs to smuggle back?

Tao and Sarge had to get back to Baltimore. They hired illegal immigrant pooses from Mexico to substitute for them. Busted!

So Boo and i are at Cannes sunning on the beach. We look great in our string bikinis and newly aquired diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friends.
You may quote me,
ciao ciao


Still at the Moulin Rouge

Boo and i are having such a great time here at the Moulin Rouge that we decided not to go to Pamela Anderson's wedding. These people are so much fun and we have borrowed so many nice pieces of jewelry. I don't think the guest at Pamela's wedding wear the accessories we are looking for. Rocker Bling is so un-hip these days.

We ran into our friends Tao and Sarge from Baltimore. Both seem to be much happier drinking Pastis rather than Natty Bohs. And we met a really well styled poos named ... of all things Paris. ( france they spell it poose so from now on we shall be french when typing) She was wearing the coolest platform shoes. And is the one who talked us into staying longer here at the Moulin Rouge and skipping the big wedding.

Time for another round of Pastis!
ciao ciao


Diamonds.... are a girl's best friend!

Here we are.. Having a wonderful time in Paris.
And what better place to borrow some diamond accessories than our favorite hang out..the Moulin Rouge.
I do hope they let us sing all the songs that Nicole Kidman did in the movie .....

Diiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa MONDS
diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamonds are a GIRL'S best................frrrrrrrrriend!

Truth ...freedom and LOVE!

zevo and boo


Jimmy Choo and Boo


i will bring the jimmy choo shoes as well............

jusqu'a paris, darling......

J Lo would be so jealous!

I think this is what i am wearing the first night we are in Paris..... of course i will have to "shop" for accessories while i am there.
Ciao Ciao

Still Packing for Paris

Boo's Manolo Blahniks...perfect for the Tour de France party!


What Earrings?

Zevo... Honey... i think you are drunk. I do not have any earrings. When we are in Paris i will get you some ok?
Bring the Jimmy Choo shoes that i like...

Packing for Paris

So many clothes... so little time to pack. Soon Boo and i will be in Paris celebrating with the Tour de France gang. I won't mention i wanted Italy to win the Cup........ Hope Boo brings those earrings....
ciao ciao


Attracting Unlimited Abundance

I watched the Wayne Dyer "Power of Intention" today while pretending to nap.
And after a few minutes look what i manifested! ...See this stuff works.
All i did was visualize wearing the same tiara and diamonds i saw at the museum the other day and Voila!

So repeat over and over.......I intend to attract unlimited abundance into my life.
Now i need to get my pet human to try it.

If you like this picture of me visit my new boutique........ Zevo Calamari's Boutique


Zevo & Boo in The Devil Wears Prada

thanks for sending the dress! i'll send back your earrings, unless you
want me to bring them with me to italy for the parties.

you MUST see "the devil wears prada"! we look soooooo good in that movie!
i thought for sure we'd wind up on the cutting room floor after that little
incident.........but no! they kept us in! wasn't it fun making that film?
i LOVED hanging out in their "closet"!!!!

ok..........gotta run!


Tazza del Mundo

Gli italiani sono i vincitori della tazza del mondo, così porterò stasera il Versace !
ciao ciao
zevo calamari

Boo's Blue Versace Dress


The earrings are yours IF you send me back my blue Versace dress. You said you were going to have it cleaned after that little incident in the brothel. Well, I haven't seen it since, and I was planning to wear it with my Manolo Blahnik shoes.

And speaking of jewelry....well, there IS that little matter of a diamond bracelet.........You know the one I mean....the one we got in Canada?



A World Cup Fashion Dilema

These are the shoes i am wearing to the World Cup party i am hosting tomorrow night at the Casino Calamari. If Italy wins i will wear Versace....if France wins Christian Dior. I am hoping Italy wins since the Versace dress looks so hot on me.
Now if only Boo would give back those earrings......................
ciao ciao


Zevo on White

I thought i would show off my tan by laying on this designer Versace white blanket. Donatella asked me to model for the next Fall issue of Vogue. Maybe when i am in Paris for the Tour de France i will stop by Milan.

Look how beautiful i look. If only Boo would give me back those earrings she borrowed. Think how stunning i would really be.


The Tao of Poos

This is Tao, not your typical Baltimore poos. Unlike her roomie Sarge, she is not into Natty Bohs and steamed crabs. She prefers oolong tea, a simple macrobiotic diet with fish and seaweed and of course an occasional bottle of Sake. She is also a long time practitioner of Poos Chi and studies the I Ching daily.

Today , Thursday, July 6 she is celebrating the Dali Lama's birthday by fasting for world peace and the end of the Iraq war along with Richard Gere and Sean Penn. She is one of the founding members of Pigs for Peace, which some of you who knew my sister, The Baby Pig was famous for.

And like all Buddhist Pooses, Tao has chosen to ignore the immature tormenting from her muggle roomate Sarge.

Om Mani Padme Poos

zevo calamari


Have Box...will Travel

This is Sarge. He is a poos from Baltimore. So that means when he ships himself up here to Salem he always brings a case of Natty Bohs. And like all Baltimore pooses he seys the word Hon in every sentence.

His pet human is somehow related to my pet human. I never understood this human family relationship thing. The nice thing is that his pet human has an email account so we can keep in touch. It is so hard to find Natty Boh's up here.

Happy Cinco de Julio!
zevo calamari


cuatro de julio

I let Nubee Wan Kenobi push the float i was on today in the Horribles Parade at the Salem Willows. The truck that was going to pull it ran out of gas. It was too hot to "borrow" a credit card for petro. Nubee is young and so willing to get on my good side.

It was a nice float since i was the center of attention. Too bad none of the pictures turned out.

Boo is usually on this float with me. I miss her. Boo is way more fun to hang out with than some of these local Salem pooses. She is still in San Diego partying. We have a float in the SD Pride Parade every year. I am not sure if we will invite Nubee.

So i thought the least i could do was get Nubee drunk as a thank you. (And so my pet human would catch him and kick him out.) But she was way too busy making margaritas to be bothered and didn't even notice him staggering around the house. I hope he does not throw up on my favorite blanket or my Jimmy Choo shoes.

I think it is time for a margarita...........

Happy Cuatro de Julio
zevo calamari


Aha!!! The Proof

It pays to have a network of poos spies working for you. This picture was taken last night at Hamburger Mary's in Hillcrest....our favorite spot in San Diego. I think Boo forgot that she borrowed those earrings from me. (Well i borrowed them from that nice lady on Cinco De Mayo)

Maybe she will bring them when we meet up in Paris for the Tour de France parties. Just think of the cool stuff we can borrow then....

I admit they do look lovely on Boo. I hope Nubee does not fall in love with her. As much as he annoys me i want him madly in love with me... me ... me......

Nubee Wan Kenobi

I just cannot believe my pet human would let this new poos in to live with us. She is such a sucker when it comes to needy pooses. And the nerve of her to name him after a Jedi. He's no Jedi! Where is Jabba the Hut when you need him?

All this boy wants to do is chase and sniff me. I am soooo over it. Maybe if he buys me some new Jimmy Choo shoes i will let him talk to me. And I am very worried that Boo may fall in love with him. She goes for those dark mysterious types.

Oopssssssssssss.........the door.......



This is Boo. She finally sent me this picture. Notice that she is not wearing the earrings she borrowed from me. pet human is back.....