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The Ashram of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

I just arrived in India this morning. My pet human is in a stable mental state and her hot flashes um... i mean ...the heat seems to be subsided. (for now!)

We are at the Ashram of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in Kashmir, India. He is not a Hindu Diety, however the cult has become very popular here. We are lighting incense so that we are blessed by his Noodly appendage. (My pet human is a devotee of the FSM)

The mantra is "RAmen" I guess we are now officially all pastafarians.

Shanti Shanti Ramen!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh we can follow that! RAmen!!


Lux said...

Ramen. Ramen.


Great monster!

The Meezers said...

Raaamen ra-men ra-men

Flying 'psaghetti monster. WOO

Cheysuli and gemini said...

RA men. Particularly Chicken Flavored RAmen...

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Oh how we love the FSM. One of our friends recently became an ordained minister of that organization, but becoming an ordained minister of anything just seems to be a hobby of his.

If I could be touched by the FSM's noodly appendage, I would eat it. Nom nom nom. And then I could say that the FSM is in me. And if the vet ever finds worms in me (which he won't, I just know it), I can tell my grossed out mama that... okay, this paragraph is going in a weird direction so I will stop.

Black Cat said...

I love it (well,actually I don't, spaghetti that is). What a cutie, in a sort of grotesque kind of way. You guys come up with the most amazing things! Pity you missed out on Doodle Week but it's not too late! I'm sure yours would be fantastic. Thanks for your kind comment on mine:) xxx

meowers from missouri said...

we totally agree!! RAmen! RAmen!
ommm. . .