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Prince Harry Attempts to Outsmart Pooses for Peace

Prince Harry was seen hiding behind a magnolia tree in hopes of kidnapping the Queen's fugitive corgis.

The corgis were seen with the infamous Pooses for Peace celebrity cats on a shopping spree today in New York. The Queen has accused the cats of enticing her corgis to flee England to live in California. Miss Lucy Fur has been dating one of the corgis on and off for two years.

Under the guise of visiting Hanover Square today, the prince had hoped he could lore the corgis back to merry Ole' as a gift for his Queen grandmother.

Unconfirmed sources report that three cats wearing tiaras offered to take Harry to a pub and later the Prince was seen dancing on table tops along with the cats. The corgis were said to have fled back into hiding.

Her Majesty has not released a statement, however a shrill HARRY IS DOING WHAT AND WHERE ARE MY BLOODY DOGS ???? was heard coming from the palace.


Boo said...

Um.....I hate to say this, but I think Harry needs some dance lessons. But he IS cute!

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Harry is a dear, but he can't hold his liquor.

Queenie can get more dogs. The corgis have no intention of going back across the pond to live in her kennels. one of them fancies you, Miss Boo.

Kiss kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

The Meezers said...

we agree, Harry needs some dancing lessons. and he needs to start carrying some of the crown jewels in his pockets. it's not fun to try and pick pocket empty pockets.

oh wait, I meant to say it's not fun to ask for change for a dollar only to find a PRINCE has empty pockets.

Ailurophile said...

Ha Ha. Always love your posts. Harry will indeed do well with some dancing lessons. Hope you guys are all doing great. Take care :)