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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Meet our newest member of the Pooses for Peace!

Luna Poosalita aka Thumbalina is now a graduate of The Calamari Institute of Biting. Miss Poosalita lives with Zevo Calamari and Nubi wan Kenobi at the Casa de Calamari.

Luna has completed all basic Bite & Run, Poop & Run requirements and is the first freshman of the Institute to complete the advanced courses taught by Monkay, the thumbed poose. Luna and Monkay (the only thumbed pooses in our brigades) will be assigned to all covert escape assignments in the future.

The Graduation ceremony for the Calamari Institute of Biting will take place this Saturday. A party will follow. All pooses are invited!


Anonymous said...

OMG- Nikki would be scared to death of this cat. Wow what paws-I still like Prince Harry!!

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Party? I'm there! By the way, what size Jimmy Choos for those guboats?? Not so delicate, but very effective.


Miss Lucy Fur

zevo hussein calamari said...

I do not need to worry about her borrowing my Jimmy Choos..with those BIG feet!

Boo said...

In that case, my Manolos should be safe as well. Whew!

The Meezers said...

awesome, will she be able to open doors and cans of stinky goodness when we need them?