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Jewels missing after Lindsay Lohan photo shoot

LONDON (Reuters) - Diamond jewels worth around 250,000 pounds ($410,000) have gone missing after a London photo shoot involving U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan, British police said Tuesday. "Officers from Westminster police are investigating an allegation of theft of jewelry from studios in Brewery Road, Islington," the police said in a statement.

British media said the jewels were made by Dior and loaned to Elle magazine for the shoot in north London on June 6.

"The theft was reported to a central London police station on 8 June 2009 after earrings and a necklace, believed to be diamond and estimated to be worth in the region of 250,000 pounds, were found to be missing approximately two days earlier. A security guard has reported a decrease in mice in the vicinity."

The police said there had been no arrests, and that they would be interviewing several people in connection with their inquiry. Unconfirmed sources believe that the missing jewels are the work of the infamous Pooses for Peace celebrity cats.

The leaders of the group, Miss Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and Miss Lucy Fur along with their entourage, were all in London the past week shooting for Vougue magazine. They are friends of Donatella Versace and will be featured in the Fall issue wearing her latest couture. Paparazzi overheard Zevo complaining that her pet human has been neglecting the Adventures of Zevo Calamari & Boo blog because she needs a new computer. Authorities are not sure if this is the motive for the theft or if the two are connected.

The cats and Lindsay Lohan have had a turbulent past. Lohan has accused the cats of the perpetrators of BIte & Run attacks on several occasions while she was wearing fur. She claims the cats also stole her designer sunglasses and jewelry in the attack of 2008.

British authorities believe the Queen's missing corgis are also in London with the celebrity cats and hope to retrieve them soon for Her Majesty.

Zevo Calamari issued a statement "What jewelry? Lindseeee Who? Do you think this Versace strapless makes me look fat? Pass me that flask please, i have the taste of stink insect in my mouth......."


toni said...

She's always accusing us! Maybe it's better to do what you're being accused of?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hey--why does she always accuse you all?

Miss Lucy said...

I saw her partying with the Queen's corgis and it wasn't at an AA meeting, girls.

I really thing we need to do a pub crawl in the Emerald Isle. Bono has invited us all over!

Kiss kiss

Miss Lucy Fur

Anonymous said...

I know where the jewels are-she is so skinny she ate them she was so hungry!

The Meezers said...

yeah, why does YOU always get blamed? that's just so.... so........ SPECIEST.