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Pooses for Peace Make Guest Appearance
at John Prine Concert

Associated Press
Boston MA

John Prine fans were ecstatic this evening when the infamous Pooses for Peace joined him on stage mid-concert to sing back up vocals to Illegal Smile, That's the Way that the World Goes Round and Your Flag Decal Won't Get you into Heaven Anymore. The celebrity cats stayed for the entire concert and back stage party. The audience was filled with cats, dogs and a few raccoons. Prine fans did not seem to care.

Unconfirmed sources report that the cats are on their way to Italy to stay with Miss Boo's fiance, George Clooney. On Tuesday Zevo Calamari lost the Salem election for mayor to her nemesis Kimberly Driscoll. Her efforts for a recount were ignored. Her cohorts decided it was best to wisk her away to Italy for some rest after the trauma.

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

Italy is a gorgeous country and so nice to relax in when you are angry. I've done it myself...