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Biological Warfare

My pet human cheated on us this past weekend. She spent her entire time away with a bunch of dogs. called famous dogs....Now that is all she is talking about...."dogs....let's get a dog... i want a dog...yada yada yada"

Of course this leaves only one course of action for her actions. I have declared biological warefare upon her. I have been sleeping on her pillow while Nubi sleeps under her nose. I make sure to shed extra on her side of the bed. We have been depositing fur and dander all over the house.

The sounds of sneezing and wheezing are disturbing to us. .. but it is worth it. Maybe she will learn her lesson. Never cheat on your pooses and never threaten to get a dog.

all is fair in love and war,

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Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

OOOH! Good one! I will have to do that, too! Mommy is allergic enough, but Daddy and the oldest kidbean have Asthma! Great tactic! Thanks for the lesson. HEY, wait a minute, I like dogs. That doesn't mean I want one to live with us though. SO yeah, good tactics!!!

Miss Lucy said...

You girls are missing out...dogs can be useful. I have my two German Shepherds trained to distract my pet humans wenever I want to do something I don't want them to know.

Besides, the dogs never borrow my shoes or my jewelry. The only problem is the black one looks better in the convertible than I do because he sits up so tall.

Boo, where IS my tiara?

Lucy Fur

Cheysuli said...

Way to go guys.

BTW, I hear acupuncture can help that! :).

Daisy said...

Oh, that is a very very good plan! I hope you succeed!

Chen & Ollie said...

Zevo, I don't blame you for being mad at your human and waging your biological warfare on her. Take a look at all the sappy photos of dogs our human took last weekend on our bloggie. It's sickening. At least mommy didn't come home wanting a dog (though we almost did get a new big brother).
Mr. Chen & Ollie