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Phase 2 of the attack....

Well she took 2 antihistimines last night to ward off our biological attack. Thus we had to introduce Phase 2......Pretzel-izing her neck and back. I made sure to sleep on her entire pillow so her neck was bent in a most unusual way. Nubi curled up around her so her back was tweaked.

This morning she looked like a pretzel. Too bad her chiro is off today! We hid the human acupuncture needles and all her stinky Chinese liniments....

Isn't a pity she has to go treat dogs all day feeling like that!
Maybe THIS will teach her a lesson.

ciao ciao

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Gemini said...

Oh I'm sure you were just trying to make her feel better! At any rate, isn't that the story?

Daisy said...

Ahhh, phase 2 of the devious attack! Is your plan working? I am behind you 100%!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

WHOA! You two are serious! I'm taking notes as fast as I can! I love the pillow action!

Toni said...

you guys!!! i haven't heard a peep out of you about your claws! hello? claws, anyone? i always use that on my pet human. especially when she's sound asleep. she needs to know i'm HERE! NOW!!

then i go to sleep easily. on her pillow, of course.

too bad she's not allergic.