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Celebrity Ghost Cat Haunts San Diego....

The ghost of Lucille Ball's cat sightings have been reported once again in San Diego. Residents of Hillcrest claim to hear a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sound whenever the ghost is around. Said to be harmless by a local ghostologist, locals are still concerned she may cause trouble. Some have been leaving bowls of Vita-Veta-Vegamin and tubes of red lipstick to appease the spirit.

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Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

WOW! Scary! Mommy is intrigued though! I hope the beans are leaving the proper shade of red! There are only a gazillon shades of red!

Gemini said...

Oh ghosts is scary though!

Boo said...

i saw her!!! she was walking on the fence in my yard! my pet human was too busy with some stupid project to notice, but i saw her!!!

where's my red lipstick?

Miss Lucy said...

She's around and I've actually talked to her! She says she can put a hex on GW, Cheney and Rove if we pony up some dough and jewels (and George Clooney's cell number).

What do you say? i think we ought to take her up on it!


Lucy Fur

PS My balley flats and head scarves are missing!

Daisy said...

Wow! I Have never seen a ghost before! This is very exciting. Because I love Lucy!