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happy cinco de mayo

Zevo Calamari on Cinco de Mayo 2005
posted by her substitute poose

Zevo & friends are at Chey and Latte's wedding today. All pooses are invited to George Clooney's surprise party tomorrow at Hamburger Mary's in Salem.


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Miss Lucy said...


Where is my diamond sombrero visor? You had it at last year's party and promised to return it but it's NOT here.

I've got the tequila and the limes. Pack the salt and the glasses and we can celebrate on the plane.

What are you wearing to the wedding? My bustier is at the cleaners and I need it for Salma's dress!

Hasta Luego,

Lucita Fur

Daisy said...

See you at the wedding! And the party tomorrow! My social calendar is jam packed. What fun!