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Ciao Ciao...

We are back from celebrating in Chicago with Oprah... well Miss Lucy Fur is still there shopping for a gown with her BFF for the inauguration ball. I plan on having something done by Donatella. Check out these cool earrings i scored ..i mean... um....i found while i was there.

Zevo and Nubi are back in Salem recovering and preparing for a major house trashing party near Thanksgiving...

We have decided to take some time off to rest up for the holidays and for january 20, 2009. President-elect Obama has asked The Pooses for Peace for help in cleaning up Washington when he is elected. I say we need some major nap time to prepare. It will be so nice to actually hear a president speak who can complete a full sentence and properly say the word nuclear!

Meanwhile please enjoy this lovely new website that my pet human has created. Don't tell her is said this, but she is a most excellent photographer.. ..though she should spend more time taking pictures of me.

Ciao for now,
purrs and kisses
Miss Boo


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Nice earrings. I do so wish I could find things like that. Those are some marvelous photos over on that site.

Black Cat said...

Great earrings, you scor... erm, I mean were very lucky to find them! :) xxx

Beethoven said...'re invited over on Saturday! Here's the invitation!