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Oprah & Friends

Associated Press

After her star-studded "get out the vote" party on yesterday's show, the Big O headed down to Grant Park to cheer on our newly-elected president that she'd supported all along. With her was BFF celebrity cat Miss Lucy Fur and The Pooses for Peace other celebrity cats, Miss Zevo Hussein Calamari and Miss Boo. All wearing tiaras and Obama sequined t-shirts.

Presidential hopeful Cheysuli and her Jedi body guard Nubi wan Hussein Kenobi were also invited. Unconfirmed sources report that Mike Huckabee's bird-dog Dude was seen wearing fishnets and a boa.

Other friends of the Pooses for Peace attended the celebration as well. All members of the Bite & Run, Poop & Run and the infamous Poot & Run Brigades were seen at the grand celebration. Several moose, wolves, polar bears and other endangered pooses were there to celebrate.

In his acceptance speech President-Elect Obama thanked Cheysuli for her endorsement during the final days of the election. Obama is said to offer Cheysuli a high ranking position in his cabinet soon.

He thanked the Pooses for Peace and their legions of brigades for all the work they did in the name of preserving freedom. " I may need your services again. We will begin cleaning house in Washington DC in January. Will you join me?"

"YES WE CAN.... BITE AND RUN!" chanted the hordes of animals.

Obama finished his speech with "This is a day of Hope for all pooses and because of these amazing sentient beings, we are here today celebrating victory. It is the dawn of a new America. God Bless America. God Bless our Pooses."


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I have to admit that Obama suggested being a political liason with Posses for Peace... hmmm?

Mickey said...

What a great day for celebrating!!!
AS for the past 8 years, that was just a bad memory. I don't think it was a chimp though,they are way smarter!!!!! A chump maybe ;)
Let's party!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Boo said...

Sasha and Malia have invited all of us to welcome their new puppy in the White House in January. They want the new puppy to be a part of the Poop and Run Brigade, of course.