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april fools

dear zevo and nubi

april fools...... you have NOT been baby-sitting me for the past several weeks.... i am here to stay.

i do wish those pet humans of yours would stop changing my name.

My first pet human called me Nuit...after the Egyptian goddess of night and it is French for night. I liked it. I think i did. Then again... who can remember such things. I was living with many cats and not eating as well as i am now. Since i have been here i have gained at least a pound. But i am still a size 0. I was a negative 0 before. The Olsen twins have nothing on me.

After arriving here at Casa Calamari it was too confusing for Nubi for me to be called Nuit.. so the female began to call me Bleu Nuit. (she spent too much time in Bourges France, known for its blue nights)

The male could not accept that name so now i am Bleu Luna or sometimes Luna Bleu or.....Poosalita. (and when i am called Poosalita little mice from the Cinderella movie begin to sing.)

By tomorrow i am sure they will change my name once more. Perhaps it is their pass time.

I am not shocked. They call Nubi several names in one day.. Nubi, Poosehead, Mr Poosehead, Sheriff Poosehead, Sheriff Big Hat and POOSE.

Zevo is treated with more respect. (i think she is old - i am only one and a half.) Queen Zevo, Your Royal Snarkness, Queen of Snark and dearest Poose.

So...happy april would be nice if Zevo would stop hissing at me and if Nubi would stop following me around. the way, i do have thumbs..and 7 toes on my back feet. I wonder if Versace can make shoes for me?

the poose formally known as Nuit!


zevo hussein calamari said...

Excuse me little poosalita-head....i am NOT old! Oh.. and my birthday is coming up so save your poose pennies.

her royal snarkness

Daisy said...

Congratulations on making it official!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You are quite a cutie. I am glad it is finally official

Miss Lucy Fur said...

I knew it all along. They tried to fool me and tell me Judd the
Stoopid Wonder Puppy was just "visiting". Well, its been months and that sucker is here to stay.

I have a whole lot of great ideas for things you can do to drive Zevo and Nubi nuts. We'll have to talk, dahlink...

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

Boo said...

Well, my pet human called me "Quisas" when I first got here. That's Spanish for "maybe", or "perhaps". What was she thinking? Did she honestly believe that she was going to send me off to live somewhere else? Then after she took me to the V-E-T and got rid of my ear mites, giardia and ringworm, and I got my energy back again, she changed my name to Boo.

Humans are most peculiar. But at least they buy us toys.

Ailurophile said...

You are puretty, as is Zevo. Hope you all are doing well. Missed your great blog! Take care :)