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Is Bo Obama a Covert Bite & Run Agent?


Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Bo Obama, the new dog given to the Obamas by liberal lion Ted Kennedy is really an undercover agent working for the Pooses for Peace.

Senator Kennedy and the infamous celebrity cats have been friends for years. He has bailed them out of jail on several occasions and once had them released from Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp after they were arrested by Homeland Security in 2007. The cats visit Kennedy at his home on Cape Cod and in Florida on a regular basis. It is no secret the cats helped President Obama in his election campaign with their Bite & Run attacks aimed at John McCain, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove and several other republican dignitaries and even our own news anchor team at FOX NEWS.

Our sources have information that Kennedy and the cats planted one of their covert agents, Bo the Portuguese Water Dog in the White House for easy access to Republican ankles. Bo is an illegal alien from Portugual. a socialist country. Once again... proof that Obama's secret plan is to turn the good ole' USA into a Socialist country. We blame those wretched liberal cats and hope that they are deported back to Gitmo where they belong.

Rush Limbaugh released a statment this morning: "It is no coincidence that this black dog was given to the Obamas on the same day as terrorist cat Zevo HUSSEIN Calamari's birthday. This was a present from Ted Kennedy to Zevo, not the Obamas. It is only a matter of time that this country will be taken over by illegal alien pets and turned into a Socialist country. OUCH what the F#@K!!!!!!!!!! What the achooooooooooooooo achooooooooooooooooooooooo peeeuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

In other news
France.... (another socialist country) has reported art and jewelry from the Medici collection missing from the Louvre. No details of the theft have been released as of this hour.

In Britian HRM Queen Elizabeth's corgis are still missing. The Queen blames the Pooses for Peace for flirting with her dogs.

THIS JUST IN: Statement from Zevo hussein Calamari: "Ugh.. I am so hung over.. hand me that basket... ackkkkkk oh so sorry about your shoes..... ....Um... ok.... Oh... yeah... It is total fabrication that Bo Obama is one of our covert agents. If your ankles get in his way of his mouth, then it is your own fault. Portuguese Water dogs are very mouthy. Um...Does this Medici necklace make me look fat? aaaaack ginger ale please... turn those camera lights off paaalease! "


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I thought Bo was a pretty cool dude when I met him at your party earlier this week...

zevo hussein calamari said...

Such a great bday gift from Ted!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I was listening to Thom Hartmann this morning and he said, (and I am SERIOUS), Bo is probably the first openly gay First Dog.

Yes. You heard it on Air America. Bo is an openly gay First Dog...


Miss Lucy Fur said...

Black and White animals are all the rage, my dears. Need I say more?

Bo and I have been confidantes for many months now and he's sooooooo handsome. We make a darling couple, don'tchathink?

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens, Fox news can uncover the truth about that obviously anti-American dog.

Brilliant stuff. =-)

Maria (& Ruby, Pogo & HB)