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Back in Merry Ole England....


Associated Press
London GB

Scotland Yard officials have been called in again the week in hopes of finding two of Her Majesty's beloved corgis. The dogs were crated as a precaution when HRM lost her iPod, a gift from President Obama a few days ago. The iPod is still missing. In an unrelated story Carla Bruni is missing a pair of earrings.

Authorities believe all instances are related to the Pooses for Peace. They believe the latest member of the group, a white cat with thumbs who goes by the name of Monkay sprung the dogs loose. No evidence has been found. Security cameras were mysteriously turned off during the caper.

The missing corgis are the same two that escaped in 2007 and ran off with the celebrity cats known now as the Pooses for Peace. The Queen blamed the cats for the disappearance of her crown in 2007, however it was later learned that Barney Bush, dog of dimwit W had stolen it. The dogs were finally returned to HRM after they were captured by Homeland Security at a party in San Diego.

Miss Lucy Fur, one of the highest ranking members of the Pooses for Peace was rumored to be dating on of the dogs on and off in the past. The couple suddenly broke up. Miss Lucy had a breakdown and stopped taking her medication in 2007, which was said to be the cause of their break-up. Since then Miss Lucy Fur has gone into rehab, anger management therapy and and is back on her prescribed medication. She has since gone on to work with her BFF Oprah.

The Pooses for Peace are in Europe as part of the Obama entourage. They will be in France next week for the start of Zevomas. No statement has been released by the cats.

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hmm... are we hiding them? You know all that royalty stuff can get tiresome...