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A cat fight broke out during today's filming of The View. Barbara Walters, now BFF with Paris Hilton suggested adding Paris to the show as a replacement for Rosie O'.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Miss Lucy Fur, now a regular on The View lunged at Miss Walter's ankles biting and screaming "We are all tired of hearing about that American Stick Insect!" Miss Walters is in stable condition and recovering at a Hilton Hotel.

Miss Walter's rep announced that Lucy Fur was fired.

Miss Lucy Fur's rep has announced that Lucy was not fired but quit and will be returning as a regular on Oprah.

Miss Hilton's rep has announced that Paris is still waiting for her missing sunglasses and earrings, to be returned.

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zevo calamari said...

Lucy... now that you have some time off why don't we all go to Stonehenge for the solstice?


Daisy said...

I think Barbara is a little bit of a baby. She should stop crying about a little bitey.

boo said...

Baba Wawa has big ankles. She needed a little blood-letting!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Stonehenge? Hey, that is my walpaper on my computer. OK MOM, your computer! She's everywhere I tell ya! I wanna come! That's my Mommy and Daddy's 10th anniversary. They purposely got married on the solstice. My Daddy jokes that he got married on the "longest damn day of the year!" hee hee. Mom loves that one and never lets him forget it either!

Now as for Lucy, good going girl! Besides, Barbara is past her prime. She's a perv from what I hear. Anyone she can sleep with to move ahead...! But I'm being Catty! MOL! Why don't you start your own talk show!

Lux said...

I'm with Daisy on this. Of course, both Daisy and I have been known to bite.