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Weekend is here

The party continues! A special thanks to all you pooses who came in berets and fatigues.
We had such a wonderful time celebrating Che's birthday last night that Lucy Fur and i decided to stick around Salem for the weekend. There is plenty of champagne left.

Lucy Fur has to return to work on The View next week and i have my yoga classes to teach. Of course Zevo must prepare for the summer solstice ritual held every year in Salem. She asked us to stay and participate.....but some of those Salem witches are too intense to hang with.
Maybe she will come to San Diego instead.

Have a great weekend. We are shutting the mac down until Monday
More champagne please.......

Miss Boo
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The Meezers said...

haf a great weekend!

The Cat Realm said...

We had such a successful hunt - there will be lizards left for you on Monday. So come on over to the BBQ at The Cat Realm!

caricature said...

Happy weekend...have fun :)

Cheysuli said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and the champagne, apparently I wasn't around to hear about the party. Rain makes me NAP!.