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Salem Mayor in Cat Fight

Associated Press
Salem, MA

Unconfirmed sources claim a cat fight took place at the Hamburger Mary's Party held Saturday night. Miss Zevo Calamari and her cohorts, the Pooses for Peace asked the mayor to reconsider giving her $10,000 raise to the fire department of Salem instead of pressing the city council to vote it in for her. Mayor Driscoll was said to have a hissy fit screaming "If the Marblehead Mayor makes $100,o00 so should I."

It is rumored that Mayor Driscoll was asked to leave Hamburger Mary's and escorted out by bouncers. A round of drinks was then bought for all the Salem Firemen who attended the party by the celebrity cats.

Mayor Driscoll is claiming to have lost a watch and her earrings in the scuffle.

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zevo calamari said...

How much do you think i can get for a Seiko watch and cheap diamond studs on Ebay?


Boo said...

Forget it......she's got people who are watching eBay for her stuff. Nubi found out last nite.

caricature said...

Seems to be one vicious cat fight :)

Cheysuli said...

How come we never see you wearing earrings?

Daisy said...

That Hamburger Mary's party was very wild!