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Back in San Diego

Well ... i just got back from Italy and i found out who stole my tiara. It was not Boo, though she covets it i am sure. It was Judd the puppy. And he not only stole it....he ate it. I get no respect around here.

My pet humans think he is sooooooo adorable and cute. "Oh look at Judd.....isn't he sooooo precious?" Ack!! It is enough to cause a hairball.

Here i am ... one of the bravest members of the Bite & Run Brigade risking my teeth in the name of our constitutional freedoms and other atrocities committed by the Chimp-decider. I am one of the main leaders of Pooses for Peace. A celebrity. BFF with Oprah. And does that count? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do my pet humans care? NO!

I demand justice.
I demand a new tiara.
And i want it NOW..... or else.

lucy fur


zevo calamari said...

Stop whining and take one of the tiaras we "found" in Milan!

Would you prefer diamonds or emeralds this time? There are earrings to match.

Take some meds too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Specism I think. Specism. I hope you can find another tiara you like as well.

Anonymous said...

Golly Gee. i didn't know that sprakly thing was such a big deal. I had no choice. The shoes were in the closet and I'd already ripped through the garden and deatroyed the plants.

boyz will be boyz, Lucy Fur. I'm precious. Our pet humans think I'm adorable. Deal with it.

Judd the Wonder Puppy

Boo said...

You are precious, Judd. However, Lucy Fur will need a new tiara, and we expect you to contribute to the fund. Deal with it.

Lucy - I think we need to go shopping while your pet humans are away.....Yes. Shopping. And lunch. I'll swing by tomorrow...
Ciao for now

Quasi said...

Purr the comment by Zevo, take the emerald one this time! And please remind Judd that cute wonder puppies grow up to be big, slobbery, stinky dogs.