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Poop and Run?

We received a letter from our dear friend Princess Guacamole on behalf of Tata the dog who would to volunteer her services to our Bite & Run Brigade.

Dearest Zevo, Members of The Pooses for Peace and The Bite & Run Brigade,

There is a dog in Tucson who wants to be part of the bite and run brigade, but she is very old and slow. Her name is Natasha, or "Tata" for short.

She is wondering if senior dogs can be part of a POOP AND RUN brigade. It has the advantage of a more lingering effect, persisting long after the pain of the bites are gone. (She is hoping especially that Congress has carpets.) She also pointed out that it is a homeopathic approach: poop for poop, as it were. Please let her know if you would be open to her idea.

viva la revolucion!

princess guacamole

After much consideration and several staff meetings we have voted in favor of forming a Poop and Run division of the Bite & Run Brigade. Tata has been promoted to the Commanding Officer of the Poop and Run Patrol.

We are now accepting applications for all those who wish to volunteer. Dogs are invited. ........ in fact all animals are invited to participate. Our work is cut out for us this year!

OH...... if you would like to see The Bite Patrol featured in a movie please watch STARDUST. Such excellent Bite Patrol acting by the poose-cast deserving of an Academy Award!

May the Force be with us,
The Pooses for Peace


Anonymous said...

Dear Zevo and Boo and Pooses for Peace,
Natasha thanks everyone for going with the idea of the Poop and Run Brigade. She is grateful to be part of such a noble endeavor. The Ta says she will get very excited about this after her early morning nap.

Natasha also says thank you for the honor of commanding officer. She is going to have her mommy come down from phoenix to do her eyebrows, because she wants to... look.... marvelous. After all, she is now a public figure! However, she wants me to tell you that she will NOT emulate other female political figures: absolutely NO pantsuits! It has been mentioned in the press that certain female political figures "look like a dog" in their chosen attire. She feels it is time to raise the bar on female fashion in DC and in the state capitols, and to restore the dignity and reputation of dogs everywhere. So, with this in mind, she will be wearing fur. (Note: no animals were killed to make her outfit.)

princess guacamole

Daisy said...

I am very glad that Tata the doggie has volunteered her services. I like her Poop and Run approach.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think it's a fine idea. I think we should expand it and have a specialty patrol for our fine toms called the
Spray and Run patrol.

Lady & Stoli said...

Dear Zevo,
Please accept our applications for the Poop & Run brigade. We have been waiting for an opportunity like this! Not only are we very good poopers, but we are very good at running fast after we poop!
Lady & Stoli Turnbull
Perry Hall, MD

snowforest said...

Interesting addition to the brigade ~ very innovative and advanced!

The Meezers said...

ooo can Bill join? His poops are VILE.

Sammy Meezer, Commanding Whapmeister