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Max & Bun Buns

Meet Bun Buns and Max.....They live with us........we tolerate them. They make our pet human happy. (We think that our pet humans have watched the movie MirrorMask one too many times)

Since the theme of MirrorMask is "An extraordinary dream quest to rescue a world out of balance" we have invited Max & Bun Buns to be a part of Pooses for Peace. We think the world can be saved by a rag tag team of biting cats,with a flair for fashion, a few dogs and a magical pair of bunny slippers. We can no longer count on humans to save the planet. It is up to us.

We believe there is hope. We believe in magic. We believe that life is a Disney movie and the good guys always win... with the help of animals.

Hope Springs Eternal
The Pooses for Peace

p.s. Join us for our Easter Film Festival at The Casino Calamari tomorrow. We will feature the movie Harvey and MirrorMask.

Plenty of ham, eggs and nip-tinis of all!


Quasi said...

Hi Zevo,

Uh,oh... looks like you've got a couple infiltrators there.

And as to whether bunnies are just cats with big ears, that may be partially true, but we cats are far more clever. When was the last time you saw a bunny run up a screen door? Hey, they don't even know how to purr! But yes, admittedly, they are pretty cute.

Boo said...

I love Max and Bun Buns!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ham?! I'll be there.

Daisy said...

We can do it. I believe!

Karen Jo said...

I believe that we can do it. Harvey is a great choice for a movie. I am not familiar with MirrorMask. Bun Bun and Max are very cute.

Anonymous said...

I believe in magic, too! Those bunny slippers definitely look enchanted to me.

The film festival sounds like it will be fab! Happy Easter to you, dears!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Black Cat said...

I like Bun Bun and Max. They look very cozy! I could do with some new slippers - perhaps I'll look for some like them!

By the way, reading back, that senator what's'isname must be an idiot. Why would Muslim cats be serving ham, for the love of Bast, hahaha! :) xxx

Black Cat said...

P.S. Congressman, not senator. Memory like a sieve, me! xxx

meemsnyc said...

Those are great slippers! Happy Easter!