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Beyond Being Catty

It is no secret that we cats can sometimes be catty. Yes we snivel about tiaras, who looks the hottest in the latest Versace and who should have the last morsel of ham. But we are nothing compared to those mud slinging humans who seem to dominate this election season.

The Pooses for Peace support Cheysuli for President. However we cannot stand by idly when talk show idiots foaming at the mouth hosts call Obama a muslim terrorist just because he is black and his middle name is Hussein. My roomie Nubi wan Kenobi is black... he has a weird name. Does that make him a terrorist too? (Well our pet human may say otherwise!)

While surfing progressive political blogs this morning i found a brilliant idea. To diffuse the Hussein factor we have decided to use Hussein as our new adopted middle names. What if everyone joined in? Oprah Hussein Winfrey, Bruce Hussein Springsteen, Cindi Hussein Lauper, David Hussein Letterman, Wolf Hussein Blitzer, Nubi Hussein Kenobi, Lucy Hussein Fur, Miss Boo Hussein la Poose.... well you get the idea.

Oh... gotta go Donatella Hussein Versace is on the other line with news about my latest dress.......
ciao ciao
zevo hussein calamari


Derby said...

Amen to the middle name idea. Some people are soooooo stupid to associate just a name with bad actions.

If you want to vote in the contest go to the blog Simply Spring. If you go to my post and click on the name it will take you there. You can look at all of the entries and vote by leaving a comment in the voting post.


Daisy said...

I can be Daisy Hussein the Curly Cat!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

My Middle Name is "AnnCoulter" so I am happy to change it to something with better connotations..

And by the way: don't you find it annoying that Hillary sat there on 60 Minutes and stated to the question of him being Muslim, "Not to my knowledge," and sort of left it open as if there was a question that he MIGHT be?

At this point we will not vote for Hillary (although if we have to we would vote against McCain).

Boo said...

Yesssss!!! I am having my pet human change it legally! I love it!!!

Lux said...

Here I am - Sydsu Hussein Luxor!

Anonymous said...

Nubi Hussein it i do.
Change it i will.

May the force be with you.

nubi hussein kenobi

Anonymous said...

*giggle*, that would make me Marilyn Hussein MonREOW! And my brothers and sister would be...

Chairman Hussein MaoMao
Brain Hussein Ball
Dory Hussein Doo

*giggling giggling giggling giggling*

Too cute!

Purrs and snuggles from *giggle* Marilyn.