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Che Nikki joins
the Pooses for Peace... Bite & Run Brigade

We would like to welcome our latest member of the Bite & Run Brigade, Che Nikki. This poose has proven her bravery and courage while doing battle with her pet human over her toys.

The wood pellet stove replaced the area where poor Che Nikki's toys use to be housed, causing Nikki to hang a Che Guevara poster in the living room. She began wearing a beret with combat fatigues and speaking in Spanish. Her pet human is terrified that this feisty schnauzer will soon take up smoking Cuban cigars.

During the swearing in ceremony Che Nikki issued a statement: "I am honored to be a member of the Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Patrol. I thank you all for considering me for this dangerous position. My teeth are your teeth. I will bite for the cause! Viva la Revolucion! Ole! A round of mojitos for all."

On behalf of all the members of the Pooses for Peace and all our brigades, we would like to wish Che Nikki a very happy birthday today. Everyone is invited to her house for dinner and mojitos tonight.

Che Nikki will also attend Oprah's inauguration ball as a special guest of the Pooses for Peace. Donatella Versace is now designing a red beret and camouflage patterned dress for the occasion. Miss Nikki has requested to wear a beret in honor of her hero Che Guevara instead of a tiara.

happy birthday Nikki!
the pooses for peace

oh.. there is something coming from the pooses for peace soon just for you.

ps the guys running must be drunk because we cannot seem to put spaces in between our paragraphs while writing this post.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Happy Birthday Che Nikki!

meemsnyc said...

Viva la revolution Che Nikki!

Blogger has been acting very weird lately.

Boo said...

Viva la revolucion, indeed, Nikki, and happy birthday! When we meet in DC for the inauguration, I will give you tips on how to train your pet human. I now have an extra blanket spread out just for me.....

Black Cat said...

Happy Birthday Che Nikki and concats on joining the Poosies for Peace! Long live the revolution! :) xxx

The Meezers said...

aren't the guys from blogger always drunk?

Welcome Che Nikki!! and Happy Barkday. have another shot of tequila on us!