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The Best of the Bite & Runs: Part Three

Welcome to part Three of the Best of he Bite & Runs. Today we will feature a few of the Chimp's evil cronies and how they were forced to quit!

November 12, 2006
Democrats award Lucy Fur Purple Heart
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have awarded Miss Lucy Fur the Purple Heart medal for her courageous act of bravery challenging Donald Rumsfeld to step down. Unconfirmed sources claim that Rumsfeld had to have 10 stitches in an undisclosed area of his body and is taking pain medication. Karl Rove and Darth Cheney have been in protective custody since the incident.

Meanwhile Senator Boo is in Vietnam negotiating the release of Poose POWs, (and searching for cool jewelry)

Novmeber 13, 2006
Senator Lucy Fur was on Countdown last night promoting her new book, "Biting the Enemy: The Truth behind Rummy's Demise" click here to read more

August 27. 2007

click here to read more about Gonzo's troubles.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah yes, I remember the book! It was EXCELLENT.

meemsnyc said...

Hahahaha, "Biting the Enemy: The Truth behind Rummy's Demise"!!! Mom is rolling on the floor laughing!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

What a great "Best Of..." series :)
The Bite & Run and the Pooses for Peace have been super busy !!!
WE are also happy that the last 8 years will soon be a memory!!
Don't let that stop you from doing your duties though ;)
There are still plenty of 'targets' left!! heehee
Purrs Mickey