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Special Inauguration Edition of Entertainment Tonight

Tonight on ET we will highlight the Inauguration and all the festivities that happened yesterday!

First up this hour.... How about those celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace. Were they really singing back-up vocals with Aretha Franklin? Were they responsible for Dick Cheney arriving in a wheel chair? Is it true there was one last Bite & Run attack right after Obama was sworn in causing GW Bush to wince? Why was Laura Bush sneezing? And what was that smell near Bush's helicopter?

Later on the show... what did the celebrity cats wear to the Pooses for Peace Inaugural Ball? Was George Clooney there with Miss Boo? Who was Zevo Calamari dancing with? And how did Miss Lucy Fur lose all that weight for that Versace dress?

Stay tuned.......


Daisy said...

Uh oh. I might have bited Cheney a little bit too hard. Sorry.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I can't wait until I see what all happened.