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Drunk Cats Cause Trouble in Disneyland


This just in from Anaheim, CA...... The celebrity cats known as Pooses for Peace, led by Lucy the cat who is once again off her meds have taken over The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride and have taken the Johnny Depp statue hostage until their demands are met.

Hundreds of cats rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride yesterday while doing shots of rum. A drinking game called Shot O' Rum was played all day by the cats. The rules of the game required the cats to do a shot of rum every me they rode the Pirate ride.

One demand of these domestic terrorist cats is that the words to the Pirate ride song be changed to the words "Yo ho Yo Ho a Pooses' Life for me" The other demand is that pirate cats must be added to the decor of the ride, since there is a dog in it. Unconfirmed sources believe that the cats plan to take It's A Small World hostage later today.

Swat teams and riot police have been called in... we will keep you posted.

Now back to more propaganda about socialist and communist plots to talk over white America.


The Meezers said...

hey,were we supposed to get OFF the ride at some point??? this johnny depp guy is a real stiff

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow... I guess that means that we made Fixx News huh? Cool.

Now, who said we were drunk?

Cheysuli and gemini said...


The Woman is so trying to avoid making a comment about a stiff johnny depp and bringing the comments from pgrated to xrated...