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Feline Pirates Invade Anaheim CA

Associated Press
Anaheim CA

Droves of cats wearing pirate costumes have been seen flocking towards Disneyland today to celebrate
Talk Like A Pirate Day. Their intention is to take over the famed Pirates of the Caribbean Ride on Saturday..Unconfirmed sources believe that Captain Jack Sparrow is with the cats.

Disney officials are concerned about the safety of the treasure chests filled with fake jewels in the ride, as well as jewelry worn by tourists attempting to get on the ride. Last year the cats took the ride hostage and demanded that Disney officials change the theme song's words to
"Yo Ho Yo Ho a Poose's Life for me........"


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Um I think I'd be more worried about the jewelry the tourists are wearing. We have a good eye for real and fake...

The Meezers said...

i wonder if anyone is wearing a rolex.............. - miles