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What Paintings?


Described by Los Angeles police as one of the city's biggest home robberies in more than a decade, thieves made off with millions of dollars worth of Andy Warhol paintings depicting some of the greatest athletes of the 1970s. The one-of-a-kind paintings included Muhammad Ali, O.J. Simpson and Chris Evert. The thieves also drank every bottle of tequila in the home and raided the refrigerator taking all the tuna and ham.

It's one of the largest residential burglaries that has occurred in L.A.," said Los Angeles Police Department detective Don Hrycyk. "Maybe the biggest one in the last 15 years. We don't have a clue how these paintings disappeared. And the mouse and rat population in the neighborhood has been decreased significantly."


boo said...

Now what I need is more wall space. My mom needs to get rid of some of that tired old stuff she has on the walls....

Anonymous said...

Funny ,
But when I heard the story on the news this a.m. I somehow figured that the pooses were involved.As for the bigot who said to the President "you Lied" well what do you expect from the South. No one down there has a full set of teeth in their head or a functioning brain in their head.
Nikki and her mom

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Man...I'm glad that mice and rats are gone. Can you do that in Congress?

Derby said...

Love the new art you have on the walls!