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Topaz Engagement Ring?.........

National Enquirer

Unconfirmed sources have report that Miss Boo, celebrity cat of the Pooses for Peace has been given a ring by George Clooney. No word if the ring is an engagement ring or just a gift for her birthday. The two were spotted snogging at a quaint bistro in Tuscany last night.

In other celebrity news Zevo Calamari and Miss Lucy Fur were seen with Donatella Versace shooting for the cover of Vogue's Fall issue. Rumors that Miss Boo will be modeling a wedding dress are spreading all over Italy.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely over the edge...George Clooney to marry a cat as they say in Italy "thusae pats".

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I wonder if George gave her the ring or if she found it somewhere?