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Happy Birthday Nubi wan Kenobi!

Today is my birthday. I am six.

Usually the Pooses for Peace give me a blow-out party at some extravagant location with lots of celebrities and tequila. We are laying low until this Winona Ryder missing jewelry thing is forgotten.

So this year i would like to stay home with my pet humans and have a nice quiet evening with perhaps some cat nip and lots of birdie toys. (I do hope they remember to buy me the ones with feathers.) The pet humans are finally back from their trip to Oz. (Well.. at least that is what i heard the female said. Not sure about the flying monkeys reference.)

Zevo promised me a new light saber if i promised not to rat on her about the stolen ring from Spain since she loves me so much.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Nubi! Happy Birthday. Here have a ham!!!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Nubi!

ACA said...

Happy Birthday Nubi

Angel, Cherub and Archie