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Boston Ballet Welcomes Twinkle Toes Calamari

The Boston Ballet will performing the Nutcracker Ballet tonight at the Wang Theater. Prima Ballerina Twinkle Toes Calamari aka as Luna diPoosalita will make her debut tonight as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Miss Toes was trained by the infamous Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Other Pooses for Peace members will also be dancing in the ballet tonight. Nubi wan Kenobi will play the part of the mean mouse. The Meezer boys will be dancing as toy soldiers. No word yet if Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo or Miss Lucy Fur will be dancing with the ballet. Rumor has it they are still celebrating Zappadan at the Casino Calamari.

Tickets are still available for tonight's performance.


zevo hussein calamari said...

Boo, Miss Lucy Fur and i will be performing with the Rockettes on the Letterman Show this week. I refuse to wear ballet shoes and destroy my versace wearing feet!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am certain that I had a part in this. I hope they have not given it away...