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New Years Eve Party Moved to San Diego

Zevo .... please call me!

I hear that another snow storm will be hitting your area tomorrow. Let's move the New Years Party from Casino Calamari to Mo's in San Diego...then afterwards we can have a house-trashing party at my place.

Miss Lucy Fur and i will take care of all the details. Bring your tiara and flip flops! I guess you can bring Nubi and Luna diPoosalita too!!

See you later.
ciao ciao


zevo hussein calamari said...

Oh...we should all wear blue since it is a blue moon... will bring the sapphire tiara with my baby blue manolos!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

So I need to change my flight... Oh wait... I can't fly. At least SD is within driving distance...

Boo said...

Yes - wear blue! It matches my eyes, too. Oh, and our house trashing party has moved to Lucy Fur's house. Her pet humans are gone, gone, GONE!! The house is bigger, too - room for a live band. Bono? Jimmy?

The Meezers and Billy said...

oh NO. Now that there's no pooting allowed on the airplanes, we doesn't know if we can make it!!!!!!

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Y'ALL COME! My Pet Humans are visiting their stoopid little blond grand daughter (they call her "adorable") so I think we should rock out while they're gone.

I've got the Margarita mix and the champagne. The Boss is planning to play so pack your dancin' shoes!

Kiss Kiss,
Miss Lucy Fur