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Boo celebrates her glitteratti-ness

Life it good. I am a celebrity.... la la la la
I wish my pet human would hurry up with those mouse crepes and another bottle of Kristol.
Lucy escaped from the Betty Ford Rehab and we are doing brunch today. I hid the tiara. Hopefully she will be back on her meds......


Boo said...

I am so over the paparazzi! Lucy and I can't go anywhere without someone snapping a photo of us! Lucy lost it, of course, and bit the photographer and he dropped his camera. I doubt if he'll be posting any of those photos. I stole his CF card while he was busy trying to fend off Lucy. (Of course she doesn't want anyone to know that she's drinking at lunch!)


Miss Lucy said...

Boo is such a tattletale! She's an insufferable bore when she drinks. That photographer was getting fresh with us and I needed some "space".

Why does everyone always blame me for the bad behavior of others? Boo and Zevo need charm school NOW. As for that Bolgmaster. Who in the hell is THAT??