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Friday night's Birthday bash for celebrity cat, Miss Lucy Fur at Mo's in Hillcrest was halted at 2:00 am when San Diego police were called in for a disturbance of the peace and reports of a possible riot.

At this time, the facts of the situation remain unclear. Unconfirmed sources claim they witnessed Hillary Clinton taunting rival Presidential Candidate Cheysuli about her hair, when Chey's bodyguard, Jedi Poose Nubi wan Kenobi stepped in and bit her. A fight then broke out between the body guards of Hillary and Chey. Several of Clinton's bodyguards were taken to UCSD Medical Hospital for severe cuts, scratches and light-saber wounds.

In another incident, Keith Olbermann's girlfriend was bit by Zevo Calamari. Miss Calamari has been said to have a huge crush on Keith and felt he should dump his stick insect gal pal for her.

BFF, Miss Boo was seen doing the macarana with Barack Obama while Miss Lucy Fur danced the night away with the Queen's corgis.

Liza Minelli and her adopted son, Dude the Bird Dog were part of the entertainment. All sang happy Birthday to Miss Lucy as Bubba the cat played drums while Bill Clinton joined in with his sax.

No cats were arrested as they fled the scene immediately and were said to have hopped a private jet bound for New Orleans.

No comment has been made by the Clinton Camp.

Coming up next...... Dr Phil miffed he was not invited to Birthday Bash.................


Miss Lucy Fur said...

Yeeeeooooow! Do we know how to party or what??!!

Thanks you all for helping me celebrate my birthday last night. It truly was a night to remember!

Boo, wake up so we can go get some beignets and chicory. A little hair of the dog would help, too. Speaking of woof, I need to ditch the corgi who followed us here. Brad and Angie want us for dinner tonight.

Kiss, Kiss

Miss Lucy Fur

zevo calamari said...

oh my poor head......... please bring me some ginger ale and aspirin... and maybe a bloody mary.

what should i wear to brad and angie's tonight? ... i hope those wretched kids are gone.......

boo said...

Oh..My....Aching....hips...I don't remember how we got here...New Orleans? Wow. That was some party! Hair of the dog... Yes. That sounds good...

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Actually, Hillary wasn't taunting me, she was lying about me AGAIN. That woman will say anything to try and gain a popularity point... I hope Nubi is okay and wasn't poisoned by that bite.

She better be glad Ranger was there to get the rest of the entourage away!

Karen Jo said...

Wow, what a party! I'm sorry I missed it. Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy Fur! I hope everything has settled down now for a bit.

Flying the Goodyear blimp over my store with a message for my manager is a great idea. I'll keep it in mind.