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Happy President's Day

The Bite Patrol


zevo calamari said...


Más tequila por favor!!!!!!!!!!

The Meezers said...

quick, where's the tequila and ham?

Anonymous said...

Awful taste in my mouth i have,
tequila and listerine i need...

the force was with us!
nubi wan kenobi

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Definitely need to wash out your mouth after that. Pteh... I WARNED you all.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I made sure I took my laxitone before we left. aaaaahhhhhhh I feel like I've lost 4 pounds....on pillows.

Miss Lucy said...

Geeeeeeeze. There aint enough tequila and Scope in the world to get this taste out of my mouth!!!

P.S. I got a little nip of the twins, too. Taste like cheap perfume, if anyone's interested.

Miss Lucy Fur

Boo said...

Wait, everyone! I just found more tequila!!! Now, did anyone bring floss? I think I have some presidential hair between my teeth.


Chen & Ollie said...

Best president's gift we ever got! Thanks bite patrol!
Mr. Chen & Ollie