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Happy Birthday Ted Kennedy!
The Pooses for Peace

We are so sorry we are still here in San Diego recovering at the Golden Door Spa and not able to join our good friend Senator Kennedy for a few shots of scotch in honor of his birthday. We would like to thank him for all his help in the past with Homeland Security, the Fidel Castro incident, and of course his stance to defend our rights lately in Congress against the spying chimp!

We are resting up, catching up on our beauty naps for the Oscars. George Clooney is taking Miss Boo as his guest. Johnny has invited the rest of us to join him on the red carpet.

Oh..... Donnatella is on the other line.......
Ciao bella! Ho bisogno di un abito da indossare per la Oscars!



zevo calamari said...

I have first dibs on the backless blue Versace gown............

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I sent him a card. I did offer him a free trip to visit me in Italy but I haven't heard back yet...

Karen Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Ted Kennedy! I hope you all have an awesome time at the festivities.

Chen & Ollie said...

Rest up... tomorrow's a big day!
Mr. Chen & Ollie