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Meanwhile on Cape Cod...........

Associated Press

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy gave a thumbs up to well-wishers and kisses to relatives as he walked out of the hospital Wednesday, a day after learning he has a cancerous brain tumor.

Kennedy's dogs, Sunny and Splash, met him at the hospital door. Kennedy was accompanied by The Leaders of the Pooses for Peace, Miss Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and Miss Lucy Fur, all wearing candy striper outfits with matching pink nurse hats with rhinestones.

Hospital workers and well-wishers greeted Kennedy and the cats with applause. Before he and his wife, Vicki, got into a dark Chevrolet Suburban, he kissed his daughter, Kara, and his niece Caroline Kennedy, and embraced his son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I and thanked all the cats who have been sending healing purrs his way.

The Pooses for Peace will be staying at the Kennedy Compound for the rest of the week.

In other news several Bite & Run attacks were reported by Right wing talk hosts last night and today. A Poop & Run Attack took place at the FOX NEWS studio during Bill O'Reily's show. Unconfirmed sources claim that the entire studio had to be closed and fumigated. Bill O'Reilly had to throw his shoes away and walk to his car barefoot.

POOSE NEWS UPDATE! Thursday May 22, 2008 A Healing Purr In for Senator Kennedy has been declared by
presidential candidate Cheysuli

All pooses are welcome to take part. The Pooses for Peace will be having a private Purr In at the Kennedy Compound all week. Bite and Run Patrols are still on Red Alert.


Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

:::claps paws::: Yay! Dat is very entertaining and a happy ending!
I would like to join your Bite & Run Brigade, as Sadie would like to join your Poop & Run brigade. I just hope no one gets confused and finks there's a "Poop and Bite" brigade.

I have a secret about Mommy, though.... she's not too terribly politically active. She's under 30 and just finks *almost* all of politics are the choice between the lesser of two evils. But she loves the stories that you tell.

Mickey said...

I saw Teddy on TV leaving the hospital. It would have been nice to see Miss Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and Miss Lucy Fur, all wearing candy striper outfits with matching pink nurse hats with rhinestones!!! WooHoo!!
Good for the Poop & Run to visit Bill O'Reily! I saw his video from years ago when he lost it on TV! I am so glad the we do not get FOX Cable!
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: did they leave lots of poop? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

The poop and run sounds like fun. Too bad I had to organize the official purr in...

The Meezers said...

poop and run!!! POOP AND RUN!!!! when can we poop again? - Billy

We are very happy that Senator Ted is out of the hospital. Grammie is doing better and is out of bed as well.