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Tonight at Cinema Calamari

Join us tonight at The Cinema Calamari
for our Star Wars Film Festival Party
to celebrate George Lucas's birthday.

It will be an out of this world party!

We will have an all you can eat buffet of tuna, ham, and stinky goodness.

Open Bar with Space Nip-tinis.

Music by the Cantina Band of Mos Eisley.

Special Guests: George Lucas and The Mighty Chewbacca

Please come dressed in costume!

May the force be with you....


The Meezers said...

can you give us some hints on how to get the hamburger buns to stay on Billy's ears? or should we just make him wear the slave bikini?

zevo hussein calamari said...

I have dibs on the slave bikini!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah now I see why Nubi wanted the evening off! Well we will be there at any rate but Tony S. is standing in.

Daisy said...

Party! Party! Party! Do you think it would be okay for me to wear my little Pink Pony costume?