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We would like to thank all of you who have purred and prayed for Nubi these past few days. He is doing well and i am very happy to have him home again. (Zevo is still miffed he has returned!) We are going to take a few days off from blogging this weekend and hope to return Monday for Cinco de Mayo. (I hear that these pooses are planning quite the fiesta! Meanwhile here is some important info that i would like to share with everyone.)

Rescue Remedy is one of my most favorite products to use for calming and reducing stress. I use it in my acupuncture practice. Dogs, cats, kids and humans all respond positively to it. It is safe. It does not interfere with any medication.
The effect is very subtle, however it does work.

It can be added to your pet's water. Sometimes i will spray a dog cookie with Rescue Remedy before i begin an acupuncture session with a dog. If i am treating a cat i massage a bit into their ears and the top of their head. You can also add it to any drink for humans. I also use it on my plants.

Rescue Remedy is also wonderful for those days you have to take your pet to the vet, or if there is any trauma or situation that causes stress.

I add it to Zevo & Nubi's water. Lately i have also been using another Bach Flower essence "Holly" for Zevo's jealousy. (Please don't tell her!)

You can find Bach Flower remedies at most health food stores, Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe or online.

From the Bach Flower website:

"The original Bach Rescue Remedy

  • Impatiens: For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others. We've found it very fast-acting in alieviating an impatient attitude and lowering stress.
  • Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Teaches the ability to recover from traumas and to integrate them into the present life.
  • Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions and doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in one's spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow one's path.
  • Rock Rose: For situations in which one experiences panic or terror.
  • Clematis: For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas; may foster great creativity. Is also used to bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.
These combinations of Bach Flower Essences that is especially beneficial when you find yourself in traumatic situations, such as, stress, emergencies, after getting bad news, before an exam or job interview and all other kind of situations where we suddenly lose balance mentally. The Essences quickly get us back in our normal balance so that we calmly can deal with any situation. "

Have a great weekend!
zevo's pet human
jeanie marie

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Chen & Ollie said...

Oh we are so glad to hear Nubi is back! We are so sorry to hear you were in the hospital. We hope Zevo gets rid of her attitude soon...
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad that Nubi is doing well. Now I hope he isn't too relaxed after the rescue remedy lest he miss something while guarding me (and you know how wicked Cheney is).

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Thanks for letting us know about Rescue Remedy. We have a similar product available here in Germany that our humans pray in the bathroom before we get our weekly baths.

Anonymous said...

We are very happy to know that Nubi is home and doing better!

The Meezers said...

Thank you for the info on Rescue Remedy. Miles can definately benefit from it when he goes to the v-e-t. maybe he won't pee on me and everyone else who touches him there. And maybe it will calm poor Billy down a little bit and help him stop peeing on my bed.


Mickey said...

Interesting about Rescue Remedy. I had not heard of it before ;) I will not give away your secret to Zevo ,heehee.Purrs for Nubi :)
Purrs Mickey

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that Nubi is home and doing better. I am looking forward to the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Thank you for the information on Rescue Remedy. I will look out for it, as I could use a bit of calming once in a while.

Quasi said...

Good news about Nubi. My friend Bo Diddley used to take Prozac (liquid, flavored with tuna juice) for anxiety, but his liver enzymes shot up and now he's off meds. Would this help?

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Mom has used Rescue Remedy in some ears here, and it helps calm them down.
Since I'm new here, I've not had it yet. I think I may try it soon, tho!

~ KittyBoy