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Pooses for Peace Call for Emergency Session

Hear ye Hear ye we call to order this emergency session by order of Zevo hussein Calamari.

My fellow Pooses, fans, entourage and cohorts in crime um good deeds:

It has come to my attention by one of our covert operative spies that my pet humans will be bringing in a fugitive dog tomorrow to live in MY house. ...without my permission. So shocking.

My sources tell me that this dog was convicted of a crime and sentenced to death but was rescued in the nick of time by a very kind lady who knew her previous owner. We are not sure what crime this dog committed. I heard that she called some little yappy dog a biatch... (and face it those yappy little dogs love to provoke a fight) Or maybe she is a jewel thief like moi? We can only hope she has some skills we can use in our escapades. I am certain we will have to place her in the witness protection program and changer her name.

My roomies Nubi wan Kenobi and the new poose Luna diPoosalita (or whatever her name is this week) are pretending they do not know this information. Of course, Nubi thinks he is a dog so he may be happy to have someone to chase a ball with. Luna thinks she is a flying squirrel.

Right now we are on RED ALERT. We can only hope this dog knows that i am the Alpha Queen poose and all others must take orders from me. Oh...and she better not chew my Jimmy Choos!

Thank you all for your support. Oh.. do you think this collar makes me look fat? Pass me a margarita please.
ciao ciao
p.s. Our dear friend Monkay, the thumbed poose will be hosting a Red Alert party here at the Casino Calamari tomorrow night. Cuban cigars and brandy with music by the Buena Vista Social Club.......
Fidel was so sweet to provide these things for us.


toni said...

This dog is female? I think you'll have her working for you in no time. It's amazing what the lure of her own pair of Jimmy Choo shoes will do for a gal......

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What they are bringing a dog into YOUR house?! I can't believe this. I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Oh geeze...

Speaking from experience, this dawg spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e, Zevo Dahlink. I live with two German Shepherds who insist upon herding me all over the house and yard (especially when I'm trying to nap).

Judd, the Stoopid Wonder Puppy can do NO wrong according to my pet human's husband. This is an EMERGENCY!

I'm on the first plane out in the morning to rectify this situation. Boo, pack your bag NOW.

Kiss Kiss

Miss Lucy Fur