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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween or Samhain as we say in Salem, MA ...the black cat capital of the world!

Here is Salem, cats are known as familars when they live with a witch, so we are very popular bunch of pooses!

Tonight is the Halloween Poose Ball. Hoping to see YOU and all our celebrity friends Johnny, George, Nicole,Tim, Oprah, The Dixie Chicks, etc..... (and looking forward to scoring some cool earrings!)

Blessed Be!


The Meezers said...

oh we are getting ready for the Poose Ball! WOO HOO!!!! (and putting Billy and Miles in Iron pants).

Lux said...

Coming to wish you all a Happy Halloween (or Samhain)! :)

Mickey said...

Salem sounds like our kind of place!!! Well,after our home ;)

BOO!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie